About Thinking Design

Thinking Design is a visual communication studio started to fulfill all the visual needs of a brand by developing a unique, lasting, positive image that shapes your customer’s perception and boost their confidence in your business. By integrating your brand with every experience your customer have with your business.

Thinking design help you to build brand loyalty and equity through ideas, knowledge and most importantly through design. We focus on defining and designing brands and brand engagement programs. At Thinking Design, we believe that a clearly articulated and integrated brand is the key that helps employees, vendors, customers and consumers stick together.

If you are looking to make a visible difference to your brand presence or corporate communications, we at Thinking Design can help you identify and implement innovative ideas across a range of media: from brand identities to brochures, websites, photography, exhibits, corporate films etc.

Our Services
Branding and brand identity programmes

How do you make a brand agile and adaptive? Our process clearly articulates a company’s purpose by engaging with ‘The why of what you do is more important that what you do’.

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand Character, Tone of Voice and Behaviour
  • Brand Identity system
  • Implementation as applications and services
Print collaterals

Print has established its connection in today’s digital world, and it's here to stay. Its temperament is real and tangible. we tend to use this medium’s inherent quality for manufacturing credible communication materials. Our experience during this ancient medium has been honed through years of practice, by applying our skills in making impactful solutions from company collaterals, reports, brochures to cross media applications and on the far side.

  • Communication strategy
  • System design and visual language
  • Page design and layout
  • Camera-ready Artworks
  • Supervision of printing and production
Branded environment

Environments bring people together and contribute to shared experiences. For organisations, it is important that their environments are endowed with a warm, welcoming and positively-charged atmosphere reflecting the organisation’s vision and values in subtle ways.

  • Environment branding strategy
  • The big idea and approach
  • Conceptualising, visualising and detailing of each intervention
  • Intent drawings, specifications, indicative artworks and BOQ
  • Vendor selection and supervision

Progress within the web world is pacing quicker than we will catch up. The result's a novel language and culture, that is dynamical everything around United States. operating during this comparatively recentmedium provides United States associate new chance to bring our communication experience and humanistic skills across all digital transmission applications. Applying UI capabilities with clear complete intent brings regarding clear differentiators in character, behaviour and outlook giving a pointy come on a really throngedvirtual market.

  • Research across a wide spectrum
  • Go-to-market strategy (GTM strategy)
  • Visual and communication branding and its system design
  • Tone of voice and behaviour stance
  • UI & UX
  • Cross platform integration and deliverables
Branded Packaging

In many ways, 'Good packaging makes the product.' It speaks about the product with immediacy: even before we open the wrapper, the package conveys the attributes. Good packaging stands out, clearly demarcated from the rest.

  • Understanding the distribution and retail market specific to the product.
  • Strategic direction and brief for packaging
  • Design of the physical pack, which includes material, technological intent and functionality
  • Conceptualising, visualising and detailing Several prototypes and iterations
  • Working closely with structural packaging domain experts and vendors
  • Intent drawings, specifications and camera-ready artworks and BOQ
  • Supervision
Interior spaces

Most of us spend more time in workspaces than anywhere else, so they better be good. Ideally, environments should nurture our capacity to perform well and enhance work experience. Our workspace designs incorporate good functionality and ergonomics, aiming for liveable and collaborative spaces that engage with users.

  • Strategy for the space and its functionality
  • Articulating design brief and direction
  • Conceptual layout approach, plan and material pallet
  • 3D rendering of key spaces
  • Technical and material detailing
  • Working closely with all vertical consultants like Project managers and MEP experts
  • Preparation of BOQ and assisting client in RFP preparation.
  • Vendor selection and supervision.
How Thinking Design works...

At Thinking Design we study your organisation and context in detail - your competitors and market dynamics before responding with our ideas. Our priority will be making your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace.

We work across a broad range of media platforms and will always work with the most appropriate media for your brand.

We enjoy every challenge, whatever the size be, no project is too small or too big for us - whether producing one-off brochures or rolling out complex branding programme.

Along with pile of experience, we also have expertise and the skills and confidence to deliver projects on time, to budget and 'on brand'.

We thrive on fruitful collaborations - listening, understanding, and responding to your needs to create a strong relationship forms the very foundation of our work.